Censored Landscapes
Night of the Supermoon Dairy Farm – 550 Cows, 2014
Censored Landscapes is a long-term photographic project that tells a story in which the main characters are innocent of any crime and yet are sentenced to imprisonment, torture, and death. It's a true story of ecological destruction, of worker exploitation — mostly people of color, and of secretive corporations protected by laws and enriched by government subsidies and lobbies. It is also a story that offers insight and healing.

The photographs in this series consist of landscapes that includes sites of animal agriculture as well as portraits of animals who have been confined in these facilities. Many of the photographs have been paired with facts, stories, essays, and poems that contextualize the images through the many facets of of society impacted by the industry.  Censored Landscapes will be published as a book by Lantern Publishing and Media. Sign up here to receive updates and news.