En los tiempos del coronavirus, 2020-2022

During this time of global pandemic, I’ve used my photographic practice as a means of turning heartbreaking isolation to liberating solitude. I photograph without an agenda, letting go of mind chatter, exquisitely aware of the present moment. These photographs have been made within a mile of my home during the time of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.
                     De luz y sombra
                Of Light and Shadow

No puedo permanecer oscura frente a esto;
I cannot remain dark before this;

Se deshace una olorosa trenza sobre el día,
A fragrant braid unwinds over the day,

sobre la mañana que admirable se puebla de
over the morning brilliantly populated with

olores vivos, de juegos esparcidos donde la
vivid odors, with games that scatter where the

sombra toca lo que hace un instante era luz y
shadow touches what an instant ago was light and

donde la luz toca lo que era sombra, formando
where the light touches what was shadow, forming

un enrejado infinito.
an infinite lattice.
                                   ~ Carmen Boullosa